What We Really Want From a Television Version of Barbarella

It's official: Barbarella is coming back as a TV series on Amazon.com. But can a TV show really recapture the miracle that is this 1960s pop-art space opera? Here are all the things the new TV version must include — including all the lingering questions from the original that must be answered! » 1/31/14 1:41pm 1/31/14 1:41pm

Sleepy Hollow Goes Full Masonic in its Season Finale

In a double-feature finale, Sleepy Hollow pulled out all the stops: big reunions, big plotcakes, big trouble, big reveals, big cliffhangers, zombie George Washington, and Victor Garber literally eating the scenery. What more can you ask for? (Nothing, there's literally nothing left.) » 1/21/14 2:20pm 1/21/14 2:20pm

Why does every story have to be an Earth-shattering epic?

Lately, it seems like every story has to be massive, or nobody cares. Every Doctor Who story is about saving the entire universe. The latest Hobbit movie seemed to be trying to be a Lord of the Rings-style saga. Every action movie needs global stakes. Can we talk about our epic epidemic? » 12/24/13 8:00am 12/24/13 8:00am

It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World on Sleepy Hollow

As if a new episode of Sleepy Hollow weren't gift enough, this week's outing is the Christmas episode: our gifts are hilarious vocabulary words and too-modern holiday traditions. And Ichabod's gift is some daddy issues, a huge golem out to kill a pile of witches, and some truly terrible news. » 12/10/13 11:43am 12/10/13 11:43am

Beheadings are Just Everywhere on Sleepy Hollow's "Midnight Ride"

Last week, while Ichabod was chatting up Masons and having visions-within-flashbacks, Abbie actually got something done and saved him. Now disconnected from the Hessian scamp, Ichabod's Potential Casualty #1, and the Horseman's out for blood. Can they trap him before he beheads everything in a ten-mile radius? » 11/12/13 11:00am 11/12/13 11:00am

Sleepy Hollow’s “Sin Eater” is an Everytrope Gift Basket

You're probably familiar by now with the madcap trope-deployment rate of the magic-cop show Sleepy Hollow. Turns out if you leave the show unattended for three weeks, those tropes back up — and when you turn the TV back on, it's a cross-dimensional guest-star-heavy hyper-flashback Masonic suicide pact with sin-eater… » 11/05/13 11:48am 11/05/13 11:48am

Sleepy Hollow Thanks You For Calling NorthStar

This week, Sleepy Hollow got a Viewer Discretion Advised: big talk for a show with exploding sand eyeballs. But besides some modern-dance goop full of demons, "The Lesser Key of Solomon" barely had time for monsters, because it was too busy with sisterly love, a cult, and a car-assistance request for the ages. » 10/08/13 10:45am 10/08/13 10:45am

Sleepy Hollow Is a Shirtless Nightmare This Week

Sleepy Hollow has been on a two-week speed date with the Headless Horseman, Sheriff Abbie Mills, resurrectee Ichabod Crane, his remarkably sturdy coat, witches, and George Washington's New International Expository Bible. This week, it delivered a brisk dream-horror episode that managed to get everybody's shirts off. » 10/01/13 9:51am 10/01/13 9:51am

Growing Up Monstrous with Park Chan-wook’s Stoker

In the first English-language film from Thirst and Oldboy director Park Chan-wook, a young woman’s chilling relationship with her uncle leads her into adulthood — and a world of supernatural violence.

[Note: Major plot spoilers for Stoker. Proceed with caution!]

Prior to the release of Park Chan-wook's Stoker, everyone… » 3/13/13 1:31pm 3/13/13 1:31pm